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What is Tanakaji store?

We are a tatami specialty store founded in 1900 in Omori, Ota-ku, Tokyo. From that time to the present, we are a tatami specialty store that only handles domestically produced tatami mats.

Currently, the shop is run by the third generation, Seiichi Tanaka (1st class tatami technician, tatami training instructor), and the 4th generation, Hiroyuki Tanaka (1st class tatami technician).

Since we manufacture tatami by hand, we are especially good at making tatami with traditional straw floors.

Of course, current floors (building material boards, tatami floors made of industrial products such as polystyrene) are also supported.


Corporate philosophy


Characteristics of Tanakaji store


General tatami construction

We handle all types of tatami construction from general homes to tea rooms, temples and shrines, etc.
We also produce special tatami mats for commercial spaces and artwork.
We can also perform tatami mat replacement work on-site.
I also have experience working on-site overseas.


Space proposal

We are proposing a space using tatami.

Hiroyuki the fourth generation works at a spatial design company.
I was engaged in CG perspective production.
Proposals using CAD and CG are also possible.
Interior coordinator retention.

(*The image on the right is a CG image)


Item production

We produce items using tatami.

We also produce tote bags, placemats, and artwork.
We propose tatami mats and materials that are suitable for each item.