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Tote bag (with tatami clutch bag)

Tote bag (with tatami clutch bag)

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The size is H34cm x W (T58cm/B36cm) x D13cm. Made of black canvas and tanned leather. The tatami bag is stored in the tote bag, showing off the tatami as an accent. The handle of the tote bag and the tatami bag are made of tanned leather, and the more you use it, the more it tastes. There is a PC case inside the tote bag, making it functional. Tatami is also used for the inner bottom of the tote bag. It has a design that looks great as an interior decoration. We use tatami mats (rush) from Kumamoto Prefecture.

Precautions for use: Rushes are sensitive to water, so please be careful when using in rainy weather.
・Please note that tatami mats are susceptible to scratches.
・Prolonged exposure to UV rays may cause the product to tan faster.
・Dye or dirt that has stained the product may be difficult to remove.
・Please note that leaving it in a place with high temperature or humidity for a long time may cause mold to form. (It may be effective to wipe it with a dry towel from time to time.
・The placemats are treated to be water repellent, but to ensure long-term use, if spills occur, please wipe them immediately. Also, please note that if you place something hot on it, the effect may fade.
・Water repellent effect lasts approximately 6 months. (This may vary slightly depending on the usage environment.)

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